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Unlocking our potential

We are a transformed and broadened business with a platform for significant and sustainable growth. We are committed to focusing on delivery and fully unlocking our potential to achieve superior outcomes.

Our vision is to inspire with ingenuity, partner with agility and create new possibilities.

Our purpose is to create sustainable value for our stakeholders, our people, investors and the communities where we live and work, using our collective energy to create a better tomorrow.

Powering our strategy

Our strategy will be driven forward by strategic competencies that define our priorities when it comes to achieving success, and our people will play a key role in focusing on these areas.

So much of our success depends on feeling part of a team with people around us that we can rely on. We each have our own rich heritage. What unites us is the way we interact with one another, and that’s what our vision, values and behaviours support. They set the tone, help create our culture, give us one common set of principles and help us all have a great experience at work.


Woman in Suit

To explore and maintain professional excellence, to dare to think different, challenge the status quo and make a difference, to innovate and achieve more sustainable solutions for stakeholders and society.

women in business

To extend ourselves to help others, to value each other and our communities, to extend sustainable solutions, employing safe ethical work practices to promote overall wellbeing of society at large.

experienced professional

To utilize our experience and create delightful experiences for stakeholders, deliver the highest value, act with integrity, build trust through accountability and respect, to empower new possibilities and smarter solutions.



network design

The need for change has never been greater. In our industries, in the way we treat our planet and in how we live and work.


We must evolve, faster than we’ve known before. That means a leaner, faster-moving operating model to maximise operational efficiency, enhance financial performance and promote consistency so advisers and clients alike experience the Extax Advisory way, the world over.

It means understanding our Industry's greatest challenges and developing solutions that exceed expectations. 

It means knowing the markets where we have the greatest impact, unlocking growth opportunities and ensuring we have the right people in the right roles for today and tomorrow.

The Extax Advisory network recognises the need to exceed expectations, create opportunities to excel in what we do, explore new ways of challenging the status quo, expanding our horizons. 

It starts with our network model.

our three network pillars

Industry Stakeholders & In-House Counsel of businesses who are seeking advisers with a specialisation within their industries, and with a senior Big4 background.

We operate ongoing networking groups such as LinkedIn's only Head of Tax Networking Group (Global)
Senior Ex-Big 4 advisers with a managerial or leadership background in the Big4, who are now consulting and seeking a collaborative network experience.

We act as the catalyst to heightened collaboration of our members through a showcase of industry and technical expertise.

We enable member success by heavily reducing challenges faced by practitioners outside the Big4 networks.

We minimise the set-up costs associated with establishing your own practice.

With the entire branded productivity suites, web presence,  internal concierge, CRMs, collaterals and tools to emulate the global networks, while retaining the freedom of a sole practice.

Senior Big 4 advisers with a managerial or leadership background within the Big4, who are seeking to be known for their deep knowledge of a given industry.

For this group, we also offer "Life After Big4" Counselling and guidance to help advisers conceptualise their career horizons within the Big4, and  strategise their eventual exit or retirement.
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