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Your contribution to the global economy is more valuable than you imagine.


Your advice shapes the path of change-makers in global industries. But your administrative constraints affect your true potential. 

Embark on an exciting strategic reinvention of the way you work and embrace modern connectivity. Join the world's only global network made of

  •  only senior alumni Big4       colleagues  

  •  hyper-specialised advisers   by industry

Extax Digital Innovation

Embracing the drive that led us into the profession, we are designing our global network for a tech-augmented future. Without legacy constraints on our firm design, we can deliver solutions for a more sustainable, resilient, and healthy future.

Extax teamwork excel in the unchartered
tax advice

To Look Beyond"B-HAGs"


We are an ambitious network reimagining how to deliver on our purpose; to unlock solutions to the world’s most critical challenges. It’s about transforming our delivery, stimulating organic growth in the markets of tomorrow, digitalising our business, and creating an empowered community culture embracing bold ideas, new ways of working and harnessing skills of the future. It is the transformative things we will do to achieve our strategy to be a premium, differentiated, hyper-specialised and excelling as a higher-margin yet highest value network.

It starts with the things we need to strengthen so we can create a business of greater purpose and lasting impact. It gives way to the new opportunities that will differentiate us, our technical focus, our entrepreneurial flair for the industries we specialise in.

A revolutionary organisational model is the first step in the future-focused network firm. One where each partner can benefit from their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) with uncapped potential and highly correlated returns on their efforts.


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